Narathiwat Province

Narathiwat (นราธิวาส means The residence of good people,the original name is Menara) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are Yala and Pattani. To the south it borders Malaysia(Kelantan).


The province is located on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand on the Malay Peninsula.


Historically Pattani was the centre of the semi-independent Malay Pattani kingdom, but paying tribute to the Thai kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. After Ayutthaya fell in 1767 Pattani gained full independence, but under King Rama I it again came under Siam's control. In 1909, it was annexed by Siam as part of a treaty negotiated with the British Empire. Along with Yala, Narathiwat was originally part of Pattani, but they were split off and became province of their own.


Narathiwat is one of the four Thai provinces which have a Muslim majority, 82% are Muslim and only 17.9% are Buddhist. Also 80.4% speak the Malay language(Patani dialect).


The provincial seal shows a sailing boat with a white elephant on the sail. The white elephant is a royal symbol of Thailand, and is put on the seal to commemmorate the animal called Phra Sri Nararat Rajakarini that was caught here and given to the king. The provincial symbol is the longkong fruit (Lansium domesticum), the provincial tree is the Chengal (Neobalanocarpus heimii) and the provincial flower is Odontadenia macrantha.


of the province:   Taksin royal palace, a place of religious people, charming Narathad beach,fascinating Pacho waterfalls,big deposit of gold ore, sweet-smelling Longkong ( ทักษิณราชตำหนัก ชนรักศาสนา นราทัศน์เพลินตา ปาโจตรึงใจ แหล่งใหญ่แร่ทอง ลองกองหอมหวาน ) .

Administrative divisions

Narathiwat is subdivided into 13 districts (Amphoe), which are further subdivided into 77 subdistricts (tambon) and 586 villages (mubaan).
  1. Mueang Narathiwat
  2. Tak Bai
  3. Bachok
  4. Yi-ngo
  5. Ra-ngae
  6. Rueso
  7. Sri Sakhon
  8. Waeng
  9. Sukhirin
  10. Sungai Golok
  11. Sungai Padi
  12. Chanae
  13. Cho-airong

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